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Size : 6.89 ft x 10.17 ft (2.10 m x 3.10 m)

Half Black Orange Moroccan Middle Atlas berber Carpet_A1016

Reference :brdz-rug-A1016

Carpet Description

The  Berber tribes who live in Morocco's Atlas Mountains are renowned for creating beautiful masterpieces, and this practice goes back centuries. They are experts in color and design combinations. As a result, each carpet is a tedious work of art that is unique and beautiful.
Berber women used to encrypt events and stories of their families through sign symbolism in the rugs she created. Each symbol on the carpet has a special meaning.
These rugs are as equally fascinating and beautiful. Moroccan rugs are soft and plush, with a longer pile to create extra warmth.

Product Details

Size : 6.89 ft x 10.17 ft (2.10 m x 3.10 m)
Reference #: brdz-rug-A1016
Rug Thickness : Approximately 2/3 Inch
Materials : 100% Wool
Weaving Techniques : Handmade. Knotted
Place of Origin : Morocco
Condition : New

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