About Us

After decades of selling Berber rugs and Moroccan carpets and gaining a deep understanding of the business, we started BerberDezign to share our passion for these beautiful pieces. More importantly, we aim to preserve the cultural heritage that has lasted for thousands of years. However, modernization is quickly impacting remote Moroccan tribes, leading to the disappearance of antique pieces and a shift in craft specialization. This, combined with the increasing demand from tourists and foreign art markets, has led us to notice that while interest in authentic vintage Berber rugs is growing, little is being done to preserve their unique essence.

The distinctiveness of Berber rugs lies in their discordant, irregular designs and bold, blended colors with puzzling accidents in weaving. Despite the challenges posed by globalization and customer demands, we are committed to preserving the authenticity of Berber rugs while also providing a sustainable income for the weavers, whom we consider artists, and their families and communities.