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Size : (7'05" x 10'50") - (2.15m x 3.05m)

Dark Blue Moroccan Berber Rug_A1026

Reference :brdz-rug-A1026

Carpet Description

An Impressive Dark Slate Blue and Orange Moroccan Berber Rug, Berber rugs are renowned trendy works of textile art. This magnificent Middle-Atlas carpet is an intense mix of color and shapes. Four long slanting stripes, white on the two ends and blue around the middle, disturbing the Dark Slate Blue background with thin white and black lines scattered all over the lower half, create a stunning abstract composition. High-impact designs rendered brilliantly by contrasting colors Dark Blue and Orange give this stylish Moroccan rug a brave, vibrant appearance. This charming Moroccan Berber rug has an intriguing design, intense colors, dynamic decorations, and a silky texture that provides an endless interest source. It will be an ideal match for a contemporary design. It will be a visual stimulation in a modern interior setting.

Product Details

Size : (7' x 10') - (2.15m x 3.05m)
Reference #: brdz-rug-A1026
Rug Thickness : Approximately 2/3 Inch
Materials : 100% Wool
Weaving Techniques : Handmade. Knotted
Place of Origin : Morocco
Condition : Brand New

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