Moroccan Pouf in Living room Setting.

The Best Way to Integrate Poufs in Home Decor

Poufs are outstanding decor elements to add to a room. They come in various styles, different shapes, and firmness. But sometimes, it's not quite evident where your newly purchased pouf should go. 

There are different types of pouf placements that seem to work in various rooms and decor styles. We're going to help you Find the placement style that works best for your taste, so you can put the poufs you have to use in the most efficient way.


Use Poufs As a bench.

Place poufs by your entryway Or place a pair of them at the foot of your bed as an easy way to put on or take off shoes. When not in use, insert it under a console table.


Use it as a Footrest.

One can use poufs as a footrest for any seat to increase its comfort. In addition, they don't weigh much and are easy to move them around your home as needed.


Define an area or a chic display.

Poufs are perfect for sitting, stacking, and serving.

Use a couple of poufs to create conversation areas in an open floor plan. This placement produces a feeling of intimacy for a private conversation. You can also organize a cluttered corner by displaying decorative objects on a tray-topped pouf. Lay a tray on top of multiple clustered cushioned poufs, and you will end up with a stylish coffee table or a cocktail table. Center them between sofas and side chairs to hold magazines, wine glasses, and more. It's a great trick If you have company coming. If you need an extra chair, turn your pouf into that last seat so no one is ever left standing. 


To complete your palette.

Use a colorful pouf to unify an eclectic color scheme or to add a burst of your favorite hue. Poufs are a simple way to add an extra touch to a room, be it in color, pattern, or texture. Find a pouf that exhibits your style, and put it to work in any space. Poufs are versatile, easy to move from room to room, and are easy to switch up as your tastes change.


Create a Perch for Pets

Give your pets their piece of furniture to keep them off the sofa and spare yourself the hardship of removing their fur from your couch.