Reasons To Buy a Handmade Wool Carpet

Reasons To Buy a Handmade Wool Carpet

When the time comes to buy a rug, you might be hesitant about choosing a handmade carpet over a machine-made rug.  

While weaving textiles by hand have never stopped for centuries, it has declined over the last three decades, leaving the space for synthetic machine-made carpets that have gained popularity in recent decades. One of the reasons is that handmade rugs are more expensive than machine-made ones, but is the lower price tag worth it for your next project? I'm here on a biased mission to convince you to invest in a handmade rug. To do that, we'll look into both pros and cons of handmade rugs.

Benefits and impact of buying a handmade rug


Handmade carpets are made mostly from natural fibers. But aside from that, here are some of the handmade carpet benefits:

  • Made without using chemicals
  • because of the proprieties of wool, they are, Soft to the touch, fire retardant, Environmentally friendly "biodegradable."
  • It also Naturally regulates humidity and repels dirt.
  • They are built to last for many years with proper care, and you can pass them down to a member of your family.
  • Handmade rugs exhibit the unique weaving skills and talents of the past. By acquiring one, you preserve the cultural identity, traditions, and cultural diversity of indigenous people still Practicing this form of art. 
  • By keeping this craftsmanship that is becoming an art restricted to the older generations alive, you are helping reverse this trend, positively impacting communities, and supporting artisans, primarily women, to generate income and achieve economic security and freedom. 
  • Handmade rugs are authentic one-of-a-kind textiles made with love, culturally rich. By including one in your interior design, you're expressing your individuality in this era of increasing mass production and the sea of sameness.
  • I have always believed that defining the style of our home is the most personal expression of who we are. what better starting point of doing that other than a handmade rug? It's a piece of textile that elevates the space it occupies. It breathes new life into the room each time you contemplate it.

Handmade Wool Carpet Weaknesses

Now let's dive into the cons of wool carpet as well. 

  • The high price range is the first thing we think about, but if we consider that a handmade one lasts longer than a machine-made, plus the overall eco-friendly impact of handmade rugs, we'll realize the high price range is reasonable.
  • Moths are known to feed on the keratin in wool, but there are preventive procedures one can take to avoid that. 
  • Spills that are oil-based are difficult to remove and may stain on wool if not treated quickly and properly. 
  • When humidity drops below 65 percent, the carpet acts as a natural humidifier by releasing the moisture back into the air. 
  • Lastly, wool is prone to shedding, but that only lasts for only 2 to 3 months, depending on the quality of the raw material and weaving.


Now that we laid out most of the facts about handmade wool carpets, you'll be confident to move forward with finding the appropriate handmade wool carpet for your home.