How to Layout Carpets Properly Around Your Home

How to Layout Carpets Properly Around Your Home

When selecting a rug, Many of us believe that color or pattern is the main aspect to evaluate. The truth is that the size of a rug is as important as the other aspects when figuring out its perfect placement within a room. So the idea is to think ahead and visualize your carpet placement in your room before you start your task of acquiring the ideal rug for your home.


Here Are Some Tips On Placing Rugs In Different Rooms:

Once you have assessed the size and outline of your room, the next step is to consider the furniture grouping in the space, depending on the specific room you want to place the rug in.

There is no wrong way to layout a room when it comes to one's taste and preferences. You can make changes to our guide to accommodate your specific decorating style.

Rug layout In a Living Room:

If you decide to place all the furniture elements on the rug, be sure that the rug extends a minimum of 12 inches on each side. Just be sure that there is enough room for walking around the rug to avoid stepping off the rug when walking around the furniture. This choice makes the seating area defined and helps unify the different decorative pieces of the living room.


place The Rug So That All The Legs Of The Couch and chairs Are on the rug


living room with Legs Of The Couch and chairs Are on the rug


Place The Rug with Front Legs Of The Sofa and chairs On It


This setting is flexible, and it looks great when one of the edges of the couch is against a wall. However, to keep a cohesive look to the living room, all the front legs of all pieces should rest on the rug while keeping all the back legs off it.

rug layout with with Front Legs Of The Sofa and chairs On It

 Position The Rug under the Coffee Table Only

Placing small size rug under a coffee table is ideal for narrow or small spaces. Or if it's an area of high traffic and you want to keep your valuable rug safe.


Layout with Rug under the Coffee Table Only


How To Layout Rugs in Your Dining Room:


Place The Rug So That All The Dining Table and Chair Legs Are On The Rug


Place all legs of the table and the chairs when pushed back from the table on the rug itself. Make sure that the rug extends sufficiently around the table. This placement will ensure that the dining room chairs remain s on the rug as people sit down or get up of the table.


Rectangular Dining Room Table Layout With Rug Positioned Under The Table


How To Place Rugs in Your Bedroom

In terms of placing a rug in your bedroom, you have many options, but the most common ones are to place the rug fully or partially under the bed. Each case depends on the furniture surrounding the bed, and if you want to maximize the amount of useable rug space, and benefits from a soft surface that the rug offers you when getting out of bed.


Placing The Rug So That It Is Completely Under The Bed


Bedroom Layout With Rug Positioned Under The Entire Bed and Night Stands


Position The Rug Under The Bed Without Reaching the side tables

Bedroom Layout With Night Stands off rug

Make sure that your rug' dimension is big enough to connect the room and its furniture. A rule of thumb is that two legs of all the main furniture should rest on the rug at any time. Undoubtedly, there are room sizes and shapes that make it a challenge. Still, please avoid the layout where only the coffee table sits on top of the rug, and no other furniture touches it! If you find a rug that you love, but it's not big enough for your space, layer it over larger simple sisal for a bohemian, modern look!